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Kenya, being the gateway to East and Central Africa, offers ample employment opportunities. Economic activities in Kenya have adapted themselves to the pandemic and its associated restrictions. Various job opportunities in the service sector have rebounded, resulting in high demand for jobs in Kenya for Indians. Similarly, the industrial sector has seen a broad-based recovery. For example, activity in the construction subsector has noticed an increase of 7.2% thus offering more job opportunities in Kenya.

Some of the jobs are known for high remunerations all over the world. Although acquiring a master’s degree may provide you a slight edge over your fellow peers, but even a bachelor's degree in a correct field can provide you with ample opportunities of finding a job in Kenya.

Some of the highest paying jobs in Kenya include opportunities in banks, telecommunication industries, agricultural industries, manufacturing sector, construction companies, and many others.

Life in Kenya

The standard of living can be considered good in Kenya. You may choose to live in clustered accommodations or in scattered accommodations where you can reside with locals side by side or even within the same estate or apartments. Here the locals are very friendly and accommodative.

Kenya is surrounded by local pubs and community centers. You can meet your fellow Indians or locals at community events or clubs and pubs. The Indian community is already well-settled and has a very strong presence in Kenya and so as a new resident, you will not find yourself as out of the place.

Indians lead a balanced work and family life in Kenya. The city offers plenty of places of interest for relaxing and enjoying with families and friends. There are many coastal towns that offer the most beautiful beaches and beach resorts in the world. Masai Mara, Tsavo National Park, and Mountain Kenya offer some of the breathtaking hide-outs and wildlife parks, and nature. Moreover, Kenya also offers a range of bars and casinos as well.

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Employment Opportunities in Kenya

Kenya offers plenty of Middle and Senior Management employment openings in various sectors including manufacturing, trading, infrastructure development, banking and finance, oil, gas and energy, shipping, agriculture, exports, education, etc. Most organizations prefer to recruit through advertising for online jobs in Kenya or seek the services of HR recruiting agencies like Ross Warner HR Solutions.

Title Source Rise
FMCG Industry Africa’s Consumer Market Potential The FMCG market is expected to double in size by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of around 4%.
Manufacturing Stats SA By 2030, B to B manufacturing is expected to be worth $666.3 billion, up $201.28 billion from 2015.
Plastic Industry Stats SA Plastic use in Africa has increased by 150 percent in the last six years, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.7%.
Non-Agricultural Sector Quarterly Employment Stats An increase of 75,000 employees in 3rd quarter of 2020
Construction Companies Quarterly Employment Stats In the third quarter of 2020, there will be a 21,000-person increase.
Gross Earnings Annual Final Stats An increase of 5.5 percent is recorded.
Turnover of Small Businesses AFS Survey Expanded from 16% of total turnover to 22% in 2019

(Information source:

Most Industries in Kenya offer a 6-day working week and offices with five and a half days of work (weekly breaks on Saturday afternoons and Sundays). However, some companies also maintain a 5-day week culture as well. Working hours in Kenya are usually the same as in the rest of the world, but senior and middle management professionals are expected to work a little extra beyond their normal working hours.

Indian Culture in Kenya

Kenya respects all the religions and cultures including India’s, and this is why it has emerged as one of the most favorite locations for Indians who want to settle abroad. Many Indians have migrated to Kenya for generations and so Indian religion and culture show a strong root and presence in Kenya. Here places of worship include Swami Narayan Temples, Santhan Dharam Temples, Jain Derasars, Iskon Temples, Sikh Gurudwaras, Mosques, and Churches. Most of the religious festivals of India are celebrated in Kenya with spirit and respect.

Similarly, as Indians love their food, they can find plenty of Indian restaurants all over the continent. These restaurants offer almost all types of Indian cuisine including Jain, to cater to almost all types of Indian public in Kenya.

Role of Ross Warner HR for Recruitment in Kenya

The recruitment team of Ross Warner HR holds expertise in Kenya’s corporate search requirements and understands the diverse culture and business culture of the country. The team can very well handle their clients and can provide them with the best talent from their pool of large databases of aspirants looking for the latest jobs in Kenya.

Ross Warner HR has been assisting various African organizations and helping them grow their business by offering them the right talents since their inception. Some of the characteristics that distinguish this company from other Indian consultants for jobs in Kenya can be summarized below:

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List of Most In-demand Jobs in Kenya in 2022

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Business Unit Managers (BUM)
  • General Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Business Developers and Managers

Ross Warner HR has served its clients in almost every vertical, from agriculture to mining, and in the IT industries as well. While offering foreign jobs to Indians, Ross Warner HR Solutions takes extra care of the new recruits and guides the candidates at every step of their recruitment journey. The company ensures to assist each and every candidate with all procedures of foreign employment, ranging from documentation to conducting interviews and preparing all legal documents required to work in Kenya.