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The Rise Of The Placement Industry

Any and all aspect of HR can be outsourced. According to research by Gartner, Inc., 80 percent of companies now outsource at least one HR activity, and the number is swiftly growing. Increasing numbers of organizations are turning to specialized firms to supplement various aspects of human resource management. While outsourcing makes sense for many reasons, the primary benefit is containment/reduction of costs of routine transactional and administrative work. Another key reason is the belief that a company should outsource all non-mission critical aspects of its business. The Placement consultant agencies, popularly known as Placement companies / Search companies has sprung up in good numbers and are well-equipped to take on the entire scope of human resources activity. Most clients are small- to medium-sized companies that sign up with a search company.

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With a view to spread its wings in different locations and obtain maximum marketshare , Ross Warner has embarked on a unique business partnership arrangement which shall help forming a good eco system of utilizing partners strengths and building up on different markets.

Ross Warner shall provide the entire business model and working methodology. For details on Ross Warner business partnership program, please fill up the form on the below link and email to

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