Jobs For Indians In Tanzania

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From Poverty to Potential – More Job Opportunities in Tanzania

Tanzania is a sub-continent of Africa that is known for rich cultural diversity with plenty more to explore. Home to the famous Victoria Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro, exotic wildlife, Africa speaks roughly almost 1,500 – 2,000 various languages. The year 2020 was a major attack on the African economy and saw its worth recession owing to the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic. But slowly with the rise in the economy, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has projected a growth of 3.4% this year.
A number of multinational companies are working in Africa and especially in Tanzania. It is the continent’s 13th largest economy, and also enjoys good trade links with East African neighbors, and also internationally with China and India.

Skill Shortage in Tanzania

Shortages across Africa’s major industrial areas have happened due to a lack of technical knowledge, and have opened the doors for the aspirants looking for job opportunities in Tanzania. However, skill shortage in main industrial sectors is due to lack of technical knowledge among the local candidates, insufficient training, or even lack of right professional degrees. Moreover, it was found that most of the vocational courses found in Africa are not in line with minimum global standards. Lately, it was discovered that the housing, automobile, textile, and steel industries are getting affected because of a lack of IT and other necessary soft skills required for a job-seeker.
Therefore, Tanzania jobs for Indians in main sectors include agriculture, fishing, energy sector, mining, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, and IT.

Some Facts on Tanzania Job Opportunities for Indians

  • The number of jobs requiring digital skills in Africa is around a million in the coming years, and the growth would mainly be in the service sector.
  • East and Southern Africa, which were the hardest hit region by the third wave of the coronavirus, is expected to grow from a 3.0 % of GDP in 2020 to a growth of 3.3 % in 2021 and further by 3.4 % in 2022.
  • Africa is looking to create more than 57,800 jobs in almost all sectors by the end of 2023.
  • The country is set to improve the business performance of almost 41,000 companies by the year 2023.
  • Africa will need to create 18 million jobs each year until 2035.
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Working in Tanzania

Tanzania is a popular job destination for Indians searching to settle abroad. The economy of Africa is well rounded, with large financial, tourism, and IT sectors, and continues to grow year after year. It offers an attractive lifestyle to those looking for jobs in Tanzania for Indians.
The World Economic Forum published a report in the year 2017 on the ‘Future of Jobs and Skills in Africa’. The research revealed how employees in Africa are undergoing identified inadequately skilled work-forces and how it is majorly impacting their businesses.
More and more jobs in Africa for Indians are more reliant on digital technologies. Thus there is a steep growth and potential in areas including digital design, creation, and engineering, with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills required in the various fields.

Parameters of Job Selection in Tanzania

Persons looking for a job in Tanzania, shared what is most important for them. Following are some of the things they accounted for.

Parameters of Job Selection % Response
A Good Income 31.1
A Safe Job 29
Working in an Important Role 22.9
Working with Likeminded People 15.6
Don’t Know 1.4

List of Most Wanted Jobs in Tanzania in 2022

The most common job opportunities in Africa and especially in Tanzania are:

  • IT Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Aspirants for Oil and Gas Industries
  • Telecommunication Contractors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Financial Analysts
  • Business Developers and Managers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • CEOs
  • Business Unit Managers (BUM)

Role of Ross Warner HR Solutions for Recruitment in Tanzania

Ross Warner HR has a team of professionals to offer a number of unique characteristics making them one of the leading recruitment consultants. The recruitment team of Ross Warner has a deep understanding of African corporations and the diverse culture of jobs in Africa. They have the experience to provide their clients with the best Indian talents looking for jobs in Tanzania.

Apart from providing the organizations with the right talens, Ross Warner HR Solutions assist the job seekers as well. They support the new recruits at all steps while offering them jobs in a foreign country. To start from all the documentation process, find a suitable job, and help get settled in a new country, Ross Warner is there to help at all levels, if you are looking for a dream job in Tanzania.