Research And Development


Research & Development

The people working in the research and development sector (R&D) are responsible for the improvement of existing procedures and products and for the development of new procedures and products. In short, organisations use Research and development to grow and innovate. This is essential for organisations and can lead to a better competitive market position.

The Research and Development departments enabled many breakthroughs, including genetic adaptations in animals and plants, the resistance of plants to diseases and even the extension of human life. However, these developments are not without costs. It takes about fifteen years for biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations to get a new drug on the market. Research and Development requires strong scientific knowledge and researchers who can go beyond their own expertise. R&D staff tasks can be: product research as well as product developments, updating existing products and conducting quality controls. Investors, internal committees, and project teams determine the funding of research and the career of an Research and Development specialist.

Ross Warner Recruitment and R&D

Ross Warner has always been successful in placing R&D specialists, from starters to senior or leadership positions. Our clients in the life sciences industry often seek candidates in the R&D sector. Examples of positions we regularly fulfill are: firstly, an application manager who is responsible for software and system upgrades. Their tasks may differ between determining whether computer systems in the company are up-to-date to maintain networks and computer security. In addition, a flavorist who enhances natural tastes and creates new flavours. For becoming a flavorist, you will need a lot of knowledge about aromas, essential oils, and botanical extracts. As an R&D coordinator, you will develop industry relevant research and maximise the efficiency within the company. Finally, an R&D manager leads development projects, ensures co-efficiency, and works closely with project managers to ensure cost and customer focus. R&D managers are aware of current trends, regulatory changes, and developments that are important for the organisation or its products. If you would like to have more information about these or other Ross Warner jobs in R&D, feel free to contact us.