Interview Tips for Interviewers


Interview Tips for Interviewers

Make notes of the questions you intend to ask.

Decide the essential things you need to learn and prepare questions to probe them.

Plan the environment - privacy, no interruptions, ensure the interviewee is looked after while they wait.

Put the interviewee at ease - it's stressful for them, so do not make it any worse.

Begin by explaining clearly and concisely the general details of the organization and the role.

Ask open-ended questions

Make sure the interviewee does 90% of the talking.

High pressure rarely exposes hidden issues - calm, relaxed, gentle, clever questions do.

Probe the CV/resume/application form to clarify any unclear points.

If possible, and particular for any position above first-line, use some form of psychometric test, or graphology, and have the results available for the interview, so you can discuss them with the interviewee.