Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life-Sciences


Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life-Sciences

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is booming in India, and demand for highly-qualified professionals in this field is always increasing. Because of this, it's important to partner with a recruitment agency that can help you find the best fit for your open positions – Ross Warner Hr Solutions is an excellent choice to be that partner. We have extensive expertise in healthcare and life sciences recruitment, including within pharmaceuticals, medical devices, optical innovations and private care sectors.

With a large database of candidates from all over India, we can find the professionals that you need. Many of our recruitment consultants come from a background in either Healthcare of Life Sciences, meaning that when you begin the conversation about what exactly you are looking for in your next hire, they will understand the hard and soft skill sets, and background experience that will create the profile to fit those needs.

We work with companies of varying sizes, and at varying stages of business, from MNCs to the latest start-up entering the market. We don't simply submit a stack of CVs to you immediately. Instead, we take consultative approach which includes identifying hiring needs, vetting candidates' profiles, and then, sending them to you for interviews, and hopefully finding a match. With this approach we see long term success that lasts far beyond the first professional placed.

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences recruitment expertise

At Ross Warner , we are experts in recruitment, and we regularly find the best professionals to fill open Healthcare and Life Sciences jobs.